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At Visiting Angels, we help people with accommodation arrangements. We provide them with a safe environment and our professional and experienced staff is always there to help them. Contact us for more information. Over time; we have become one of the leading NDIS short-term accommodation providers. Our short-term accommodations can be availed “home away” for your loved ones with disabilities. We help you to make your life easy and provide Support for independent living. You can trust us.

We know how to carefully and lovingly live with disabilities. We help your loved ones to explore their talents. We have highly trained staff. Our people know about the job. We love to help. We smile. And we are courteous. We quickly learn about your participants. And then we come up with the daily plans in these accommodations where they feel themselves at home. They fully enjoy their lives in these places. Usually, our residential areas are near parks, beaches, and shopping centers. So, if anyone wants to meet them; they can meet conveniently.  Participants can hang out with other people of their ages.

There is a lot we have for them. We first learn; what they like and dislike. Then we make a plan that perfectly suits them. We watch TV with them. We take them for outings, luncheons, dinners, and beaches, and we make them enjoy the attractions around them. Our people take this as a sacred job. And we devise the most appropriate sports for them. So, they can always remain healthy and fit. Our support for independent living involves highly nutritious meals for the participants. We make special diet plans. We provide affectionate care by showering and dressing facilities.

When it comes to medication timings; we carefully and cautiously provide the prescribed medicines to the participants. You can also avail of our facilities in your own house/place because NDIS short-term accommodation providers are here to Support independent living. We have not restricted ourselves to a single age group. We have separate plans for all age groups and genders. If it is a child or teen; we have special and spectacular places for them. We know what it needs for the teens. Hence, our accommodations for youngsters are also worth watching. And when you need accommodation for the old fellows; we come up with serene lodgings. And we always see that participants don’t get bored. We fill our places with all the activities that entrants would love to enjoy. And we have scheduled planning for you; you can stay with us for the whole day and night, overnight, for a full week, month, or as long as you want to continue.

We provide a healthy and hygienic environment for you. We specially care for a neat and clean environment. We provide quality accommodation for everyone. You can also personalize the services as you like. Tell us what you need for your loved ones and what you don’t want. We make the plans according to your preferences. Our services always please you. If you talk about our plans or any necessary charges; it is very easy to work with us as we are NDIS short-term accommodation providers who come with help and Support for independent living. We are very easy and memorable to work with. Contact us within all business days. We zealously work to update us. Learn more about our services by just giving us a phone call. We also provide other services like NDIS ServicesDisability Support Services, and Elderly Care Services. For more details, Please join us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or Linkedin.