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Why we are a leader amongst the NDIS registered providers? It is our zeal to work for disabled people and provide them respite care. We want to uplift the lives of our dear ones. In the busy times of the modern age, it is not easy for everyone to take care of the people you love who are facing any type of incapability. We help you to make things easy. We let you make your dreams come true and then we take the reins in our hands. And we help you when it comes to your family. We have extensively worked to devise some individual programs for individual development. This is how we help our people to live independently. We sit with you. We learn what are your desires, interests, hobbies, and ambitions in life. We thoroughly learn about yourself. And then we come with the optimum plans that can support you. These plans help you to fly high. We make the programs that work for you right in your home.

This is the quality of life in the end that you need. Hence, we have only the best people to offer our registered services. Our representatives are highly educated, trained, and experienced in their respective expertise. We assist you in the bookkeeping of daily life. We make it easy for you to keep your expenditures, finances, and transactions clean and also in your own control. Our respite care covers almost everything for you. Actually, you can work with us as you like. We love to spend time with you. Whether you need us for shopping, home tasks, cooking, or any other community services; NDIS registered providers are there for you. you can also get other services like Disability Support ServicesElderly Care ServicesMaintenance ServicesCleaning Services, and Financial Consulting Services.

When it comes to enhancing the social skills of the participants; we zealously work for the cause. We offer splendid plans that increase the aptitudes of the participants. This is how the participants develop their recreational and social interaction. They start doing shopping, playing sports, paying bills, appointments, and they meet with people with confidence more than ever. We offer training at individual and group levels. We teach them to maintain contact with others. We deal with difficult situations with sublime respite care. If the participant is not clear about the required needs or support; we carefully analyze and recommend the best plans for your convenience. We teach participants to do things on their own. We tell them to live their lives on their own.

The main objective of NDIS registered providers help is to infuse resilience in our participants and provide respite care. We tell them that their lives are important and they can do anything they want in their lives. They can enjoy it. And they can do wonders on their own. We do our work with the passion that always drives us to do more.  Our support programs are very affordable. When you work with us; you save costs every time. With a professional team; we are very easy to approach and provide you respite care.

 You can contact us weekly on all the business days. A beautiful and comforting life is away from you at the distance of just a single phone call. Call us. Contact us. We make you happy! For more details, Please join us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or Linkedin.

National Disability Insurance Scheme, administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA),  was first legislated in 2013. By 2020, it went into full operation by the Government of Australia. The NDIS registered providers are primarily intended to provide funds to people with a disability and give them respite care. It covers all of the costs associated with disability. For support workers to get paid for what they do, their client must be a participant of the NDIS. What’s great about this scheme is that it is entirely funded by the public.

Participants of the NDIS get funded using the scheme. These funds are then subject to specific cap rates (for the support workers) set by the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Agency). If you still don’t understand cap rates, here’s a little insight into them.

What Are Cap Rates?

Cap rates apply to all those people with disabilities who are a part of the NDIS. The cap rates are primarily intended to provide the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) with vital information regarding the costs charged by registered support providers and/or independent workers. This allows the NDIA to monitor these charges and keep track of these records.

This allows the NDIA to make sure the cost of support workers is reasonable and to ensure they’re not overcharging people. However, these rates are subject to market trends, and thus the NDIA updates these rates annually.

What is the Cap Rate, and How Does Cap Rates Effect Support Workers?

As a support worker, if you charge disabled people higher than the actual cap rate, there’s a great chance of them merely not hiring you. The cap rates are primarily hourly rates, ranging from $44.72 to $96.95 per hour. In addition, the time, date, and state where your client lives determine the cap rate.

NDIS Services offered by Visiting Angels:

Visiting Angels provide the disabled with various NDIS services. What makes us different is that we take our due time to get to know you better and provide you with a tailored experience. We have a wide range of services, specifically made for you.

With VAA, you will no longer have to look for anything else. Our services include:

  • Providing assistance in your daily chores, including personal activities and household tasks.
  • Providing you with the necessary transportation arrangements.
  • Assistance in developing personal, social skills, and encouragement in the participation of community, social, and civic activities.
  • Assistance in the new challenges or hurdles you might face with a new day.
  • Providing you the help you need to connect to support providers to ensure your primary goals and expectations are met.