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Home Care Packages

What are Home Care Packages?

The HCP program is for people to get support at their homes. The comfort and independence they enjoy while getting support is the goal of this program.

These funds are approved by the govt and participant use them for the support purpose with the provider of their choice.

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You need to have your eligibility assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Service will access the participant and they will determine the package level.


There mat be a little wait even though the package is approved because there are a limited number of packages available at any given time.

Your contribution

If your income is over a certain amount then you may need to pay a part of your total funding amount, including a Basic Daily Fee (which we choose to waive) and an Income Tested Fee.

Choosing your provider

It's important to consider your options before you choose a provider of your choice.


HCP providers may charge admin, management fees of your Home Care Package. Paricipants should make sure they understand and compare the fees each provider will charge.

Funding at a glance

Apart from the four levels of funding for Home Care Packages which are are mentioned below. You should be aware of the other different fees which may apply to your package.

Funding level

Funding level

Funding level

Level 1
Basic care needs
Level 2
Low-level care needs
Level 3
Intermediate care needs
Level 4
High-level care needs