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Understanding your funding options for IN-HOME care

Different options to pay

There are different ways to fund your in-home care. If you are not sure which option suits you, please have a look at these options or you can contact us for assistance.

Private Funding 900h

Private Funding

Government Funded 900h

Government Funded

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How it works

You may be eligible for govt funding or pay from your personal funds. Here are the ways and options you need to understand.

Private funding

If you don’t have govt funding for your care, you can pay your care using your personal funds, this is known as the private funding option. You can talk to your provider and negotiate the charges for the care. We at Visiting Angels can give you the best services at affordable rates.

You can still pay for your additional care privately even if you have govt funding for your care.

Government funding

You may be eligible for govt funding and there are different govt funding programs including NDIS and HCP. This funding depends on participants’ circumstances and the complexity of their needs.