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Disability Support Services

Disability can be in any form. Whether it is a physical disability or a mental disability, it isn’t by choice. Either you are born with it, or certain scenarios lead you towards it. Moreover, it can make your life more challenging and adversely affect your health.

Having a disability doesn’t make you any different than other humans. People with disabilities, too, deserve to be independent and not reliant on other people for their day-to-day chores. Moreover, they deserve the right to have an active support and receive the care and looking after that they need. Although there might not be a workaround for this, there is certain disability support care in Melbourne that you can avail of right now.

Visiting Angels provide elderly care and disability support services. Here at Visiting Angels, we only have one primary goal, and that is to make sure people with disabilities get the care that they deserve and lead a life that they have planned for themselves, with no hurdles or limitations.”

Just like every one of us has different perspectives of the world we live in and different needs, our services are precisely tailored according to each individual’s needs. These essentially include “Supported Independent Living (SIL),” “Daily Living Assistance,” Social Assistance,” “Community Assistance,” “Transportation,” and coordination of supports. To help you understand this better, here’s a brief description of all of our disability services in Melbourne.

Breakdown of our Services:

Before we dive into the details, getting to know each individual is a crucial factor in providing them with a tailored experience. We have a team of trained professionals disability care provider that will assist you every step of the way. Here’s an insight into what we offer.

There are numerous disability services in Melbourne. Here, at Visiting Angels, we offer you assistance in your day-to-day chores, including your personal activities, commute, and the building of your living skills. Apart from the assistance with the bare necessities, we tailor our disability support care services based on your requirements and can help improve your social skills by encouraging and assisting you in social activities in the community.

The elderly prefer independent living, to ensure they get vital help and assistance in their own living spaces, we offer private service as well, along with government-funded packages. For more details, please join us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or Linkedin.

We have come up with a range of Home care services and disability careservices for people with incapacities or any type of impairment. If you or your elder ones have any type of incapability then you have come to the right place. We offer different types of care plans. Sometimes our loved ones need psychological help or proper counseling. Our experts disability care provider won’t leave you or your dear ones alone. We devise proper guidance plans.

Behavior management and early childhood support are also important in many situations. And we are doing both with excellence. You can rely on us. Talk to us and share your problems with us. We take good care. We take control of the situation in the hands “early ages” of your dear ones. And make things easy for you. We make life beautiful for kids and teens with disabilities. We know that no one should fall in the dark. It is very important to give enlightened guidance to kids. That is why; we have prepared a special wellness plan for Home care services and Disability support services for children and young people. We don’t let them lose hope; ever! We teach them to enjoy life. Occupational and speech therapies are two other significant expertise that you can avail of us. Our positive behavior support programs have changed the lives of many people and we have managed to smile.

We are also a good choice for physiotherapy and art therapy. You can get some of our splendid rehabilitation programs. These plans help you to relieve the pain and thus people learn to live life anew. We teach to strengthen flexibility in emotions and actions. This is how we make people strong. We teach that you can improve your physical and functional aptitudes and abilities. We provokingly coordinate so people can return to their lives and work. We have all the plans for you. You can come and consult us at our premises or we can come to your place. We always very carefully devise well-being plans for you. Our daily life assistance makes things easy for you. You start loving your life. When you meet us; you want to live with your mark in the world.

If you need our help at your location; we are there for you. Our home care services provide you with full support on regular basis. This comprises ironing and laundry, changing bed sheets, and cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, and appliances. When you are with us, you start loving your surroundings. We take it to a higher level by providing heavy-duty cleaning services for all the houses. We supply and feel the meals with total affection. Do you love plants? We care for your garden, trees, and flowers. If you have a dog or a cat; we would love to see them. Actually, it is the life that we live with you.

We have very affordable support programs of Home care services and Disabilities support services for you. We have made it our mission to make your life easy. Just inform us; what types of services you need from us. And when do you need us? We are just a phone call away from you.