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Disability and COVID-19

A family gathering is an excellent way to get yourself out of stress and loneliness. Spending time with your loved ones can make you feel alive in this hard time of covid-19. It also makes you much better at dealing with mental stress and negative effects. Visiting Angels Australia provides NDIS services in Canberra ACT, you just need to type in your browser NDIS service providers near me and you will find us next to you, always there to help you.

In the recent survey, we asked people with disabilities question about their stress, employment, their background, and their concerns about covid-19. The result was very clear that people with disabilities find themselves very vulnerable to poor mental health and increased anxiety. Some people felt that their life stopped and their no longer have any activity to feel them alive. At Visiting Angels Australia aged care at home packages, you can choose a variety of services at your doorstep by the best NDIS service provider in Canberra ACT.

Coping with stress in this pandemic left a worse effect on their life as they feel lonelier and their level of belonging have also declined. In fact, these two are correlated and negative mental health.

Although this pandemic affects all of us, people with disabilities worse affected by it. As the time is passing and we might get rid of this pandemic in this year 2021, but the suffering and horrific time of this covid-19 will last long. Take care of yourself and if you feel that you need any of our services, just type NDIS services near me, Visiting Angels Australia is always at your service with our best-experienced staff.

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